xpressions SHEER Kit 4x3 B US
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 - Frame & Graphics

      • 1 x 1 skin (24) - twelve sheer, twelve regular
- 50 watt halogen lights (2)
- Hard shipping case

 xpressions SHEER fabric graphics incorporated into exhibit and retail environments is one of the hottest trends hitting the display world. Why not combine this up-and-coming excitement with one of most popular face-toface marketing tools, Xpressions®? Take the most unique fabric pop-up system and combine it with SHEER graphics and the result is an ultra-sheik pop-up that makes your brand and or message POP with all the convenience that makes Xpressions®SNAP!™ so versatile.

With SHEER, you can create depth and imagery more in-tune with environmental exhibit design and provide your designers with additional tools to drive your brand. Create a more comfortable setting for face-to-face engagement at your next tradeshow. SHEER pop-ups can be key components in environments by creating backdrops, space definition or vertical elements in your space design. Have an existing Xpressions®SNAP!™ display? Add SHEER skins to the front plane of the display and bring a fresh new look to your next trade show or event. Combine with lighting and transform your budget into areas previously thought unattainable.

See through the forest of mediocrity with Xpressions®SNAP!™SHEER.

Open Frame = 117.5"w x 89.5"h x 13"d
Closed Frame = 10"w x 9"L x 32.5"h

Kit Weight = 42lbs.

The Standard Xpressions®SNAP!TM units are based on metric sizing. As a result, the standard 4x3 units are 124.5"w, 4.5" beyond the typical 10' x 10' trade show space. Historically, 4 Quad wide by 3 Quad high display units have been used in 10' x 10' spaces at trade show exhibit halls.

To accommodate the trade show environment, a special non-metric based, 4x3 U.S. frame was developed. The 4x3 U.S. frame is 117.5" wide and fits perfectly within the required space at most exhibit halls.

LED Light Box
(This Price is for lightbox only skin is an additional cost.)
Please specify if you have a US Xpressions Snap unit.  Price is the same for a US and non-US unit but size is slightly different.
Size: 1x1 

Canvas Bag

Black canvas w/ handles
Dim: 35”w x 13”d x 9”h
Weight: 3.2 lbs. (w/o graphic)

Hard Case w/ Wheels

Holds up to 20’ of display. Ex: one 3x3, two 2x3 and one 2x2
Dim: Outside - 14”w x 14”d x 41”h / Inside - 13”w x 13”d x 35”h.
Weight: 12.8 lbs. (w/o graphic)

Wire Management Clip

Color: Black / box of 12

Light Bag

Black canvas w/ handles; holds 2 lights



50 watt halogen w/attachment clip
Colors: black and silver

Universal BCL 35 watt halogen
Colors: silver


LED Arm Light
Colors: black

XSNAPTM counter

(Fits into the Xpressions Hard Case w/ Wheels)
Finished graphic size: 50”w x 30”h
Front image size: 30”h
Focus area: 12” square in center
Weight: 6.25 lbs.
Open - 35”w x 12.75”d x 35”h
Closed - 3.5”w x 4”d x 36”h

Counter top: 35”w x 1”d x 13”h
Center of counter top holds up to 11lbs.
- Graphic
- Counter Top
- Frame
Optional Inside Bottom Shelf

Xpressions® 223 Counter & Workstation

Counter Frame & Top w/ dyesub printed counter & monitor stand wrap
Counter Frame & Top w/ dyesub wrap

xpressions® Shelves


Rectangle Shelf:
Dim: 29" x 12" x 1"
Colors: Black

Stabilizing Feet: (set of two) For larger Xpressions SNAP! displays when added support is desired.
Not available for Pyramid, 5quad X or Argyle Frames.

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