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Open Frame Dimensions = 93.5"w x 94"h x 12.75"d
Closed Frame Dimensions = 7"w x 7"L x 33.75"h

Frame Weight = 13lbs.

LED Light Box
Please specify if you have a US Xpressions Snap unit. The size is slightly different.

Size: 1x1
Dimensions: 28" x 28"


Canvas Bag

Black canvas w/ handles
Dim: 35”w x 13”d x 9”h
Weight: 3.2 lbs. (w/o graphic)

Hard Case w/ Wheels

Holds up to 20’ of display. Ex: one 3x3, two 2x3 and one 2x2
Dim: Outside - 14”w x 14”d x 41”h / Inside - 13”w x 13”d x 35”h.
Weight: 12.8 lbs. (w/o graphic)

Wire Management Clip

Color: Black / box of 12

Light Bag

Black canvas w/ handles; holds 2 lights



50 watt halogen w/attachment clip
Colors: black and silver

Universal BCL 35 watt halogen
Colors: silver


LED Arm Light
Colors: black

XSNAPTM counter

(Fits into the Xpressions Hard Case w/ Wheels)
Finished graphic size: 50”w x 30”h
Front image size: 30”h
Focus area: 12” square in center
Weight: 6.25 lbs.
Open - 35”w x 12.75”d x 35”h
Closed - 3.5”w x 4”d x 36”h

Counter top: 35”w x 1”d x 13”h
Center of counter top holds up to 11lbs.
- Graphic
- Counter Top
- Frame
Optional Inside Bottom Shelf

Xpressions® 223 Counter & Workstation

Counter Frame & Top w/ dyesub printed counter & monitor stand wrap
Counter Frame & Top w/ dyesub wrap

xpressions® Shelves


Rectangle Shelf:
Dim: 29" x 12" x 1"
Colors: Black

Stabilizing Feet: (set of two) For larger Xpressions SNAP! displays when added support is desired.
Not available for Pyramid, 5quad X or Argyle Frames.


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Download Xpressions®Snap!™ Skin Shapes

  • Skins
    Quads / Pricing
    (W x H
    1x1 28" x 28"
    1x2 28" x 56"
    1x3 28" x 84"
    2x1 56" x 28"
    2x2 56" x 56"
    3x2 84" x 56"
    3x3 84" x 84"
    4x3 (metric & US) 110" x 84"
    Diamond 37.5" x 37.5"
    2x3 56" x 84"
    3x1 84" x 28"
    4x1 112" x 28"
    Triangle (Flat) 25.5" x 25.5"
    Triangle Thread 27.5" x 25.5"
    Star 28" x 28"
    Hex 51" x 78.5"
    Plus 86" x 86"
  • CONNEX Connector Skins
    1x1 Rectangle
    1x2 Rectangle
    1x3 Rectangle
    1x1 Hourglass
    1x2 Hourglass
    1x3 Hourglass
    1x1 Wide
    1x2 Wide
  • LED Light Box

    Please specify if you have a US Xpressions Snap unit.  Price is the same for a US and non-US unit but size is slightly different.

    1x1 LED Lightbox / Size: 28" x 28"

    1x3 LED Lightbox (for CONNEX) / Size: 28" x 84"

  • Backlit Skin* (optional)

    1x1 Backlit Skin / Size: 28" x 28"

    1x3 Backlit Skin / Size: 28" x 84"

    * Backlit Skin only available as 1x1 & 1x3 - It is recommended that the backlit skin is removed during storage to avoid the need to steam out wrinkles.
  • Shelves
    Maximum Suggested Shelving Weight Limits for XpressionsSNAP! frames;  1x3, 2x2, 2x3, 3x3 and 4x3

    - 10lbs total on third level from floor quads
    - 15lbs total on second level from floor quads
    - 20lbs total on floor level quads

    Circle shelf - Available in Black & Silver
    Dim:12'dia 3/16" thick

     SNAP Rectangle shelf - Available in Black & White

     US Rectangle shelf - Available in Black

    Trapezoid shelf for Connex  - Available in Black

    Square shelf for Connex - Available in Black

  • Frame Types
    4x3 (metric & US)
    3 Quad Pyramid
    10 Quad Pyramid
    5 Quad X
  • Back Covers
    (available colors: white, black, blue (PMS 287c)
    and green (PMS 341c)

    Frame Sizes
    4x3 (metric & US)
    3 Quad Pyramid
    10 Quad Pyramid
    5 Quad X
  • PushThru Skins
    1x3 Thin
    1x3 Wide
    1x1 Triangle
    1x2 Triangle
    1x3 Triangle

Shipping Case

  • Hard Shipping Case w/wheels


  • 35 Watt Universal BCL Light
  • 50 Watt Halogen Light
  • LED Light
  • Black canvas light bag w/handle
    (holds 2 lights)


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